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How to install the Planapple Save Button

Save time and typing—add the Planapple Save Button to your browser and collect vacation ideas from all over the web, right into your Planapple notebook, with just a click. On many popular travel sites, the Save Button will even capture contact info, rates, and more.

How to get the Save Button depends on which web browser you're using. Scroll down to find the instructions for your browser.

Chrome (desktop)

The Planapple Save Button extension is available in the Chrome Web Store:

Get the Save Button for Chrome

Other desktop browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari

In most desktop browsers where we don't have an add-on or extension, you can use a “bookmarklet” version of the Planapple Save Button. This puts Save to Planapple in your browser's favorites bar. Just click it to save a web page to your trip.

The exact steps to get the bookmarklet vary slightly depending on your browser. For example, Firefox calls their favorites bar the “bookmarks toolbar.” We've tried to make these instructions accurate, but if you can't find an exact match for something described below, look around your browser to see if maybe it got renamed or moved. (Browser makers love to redesign how the favorites bar works.)

  1. Make sure your favorites bar is showing. In most browsers, it appears just above or below the tabs:
    • Firefox: Right-click on the gray empty space to either side of the web address (not in the white box where the address appears), and choose Bookmarks toolbar if it doesn't already have a check mark.
    • Microsoft Edge: Click the three dots at top right and choose Settings. Find Show the favorites bar and switch it “on” if it's not.
    • Safari: View > Show Favorites Bar.
  2. Bookmark this page (the one you're reading right now) into the favorites bar:
    • Firefox: On your keyboard, press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Command-D (Mac). Then in the New Bookmark panel, change Folder to “Bookmarks Toolbar” and click Done.
    • Microsoft Edge: Press Ctrl+D on your keyboard. Change Save in to “Favorites Bar” and click Add.
    • Safari: Press Command-D on your keyboard. Make sure Add this page to is set to “Favorites” and then click Add.
  3. Edit the address (location or URL) of the bookmark you just created: delete everything from the beginning all the way through (and including) the # hash sign. Once you're done, the address should start with javascript:
    • Firefox: Right-click on Save to Planapple in the bookmarks toolbar, choose Properties, delete the beginning of the Location as described above, and click Save.
    • Microsoft Edge: Right-click on Save to Planapple in the favorites bar, choose Edit URL, delete the beginning as described above (press the Home key on your keyboard to get to the start), then press the Enter key to save the change.
    • Safari: Right-click (or hold Ctrl and tap) on Save to Planapple in the favorites bar, choose Edit Address, delete the beginning as described above, and click Done.

That's it! You should have a Save to Planapple item in your favorites bar. Go ahead and give it a click right now. If you see a congratulations message, you're good to go. If not, look through the steps above and double check what you did. In particular, in step 3 make sure the bookmark's address starts with javascript:… (there should not be a # at the beginning).

Tip: if the favorites bar bothers you, you can hide it when you don't need it. Just reverse step 1. When you're ready to collect sites for your trip, show the favorites bar again, and Save to Planapple will be there and ready.

Internet Explorer

The Save Button is not supported on Internet Explorer. We strongly recommend switching to Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox—not just for the Save Button, but also because everything in Planapple (and many other sites) will work faster and better if you switch. (You can use both, and switch back to Internet Explorer for older sites that require it.)

Mobile (tablet and phone)

Unfortunately, we don't have a version of the Save Button for mobile browsers. You can still save web sites into your Planapple trip by copying the web address (location or URL), and then pasting it into the Add… web link option at the top of the Planapple notebook list. You can also add things directly to your trip from Planapple's Idea Finder tab.

(If you're feeling adventurous, you may be able to get the bookmarklet version working as described above, but most mobile browsers don't have any way to get to your favorites list without leaving the page you're on—which defeats the whole purpose.)

Advanced bookmarklet

If you're having trouble editing the bookmarklet URL as described above, try dragging the link below into your favorites bar. Or if that doesn't work, you can right-click on it, choose Copy Link Address (or similar), and then paste that into the edit URL dialog:

Drag or copy this link: Save to Planapple