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Credits and Attribution

Planapple was created by Pete Rice and Mike Edmunds with invaluable design help from Andy Dahley, Laura Greenwald at Chickymonkey Studio, John Bove, and VisualPharm; and marketing help (and alliteration assistance) from Carrie Scott.


Some icons are from a collection by Joseph Wain at

Some icons adapted from The Noun Project collection: “airplane” symbol; “car” symbol by Geremy Good; “hotel” symbol by the U.S. National Park Service; “information” symbol by Sven Hofmann; “community”, “idea”, and “sunrise” symbols by The Noun Project.

Weather forecast icons are adapted from Forecast Font.

Geographic Data

Some geographic data is from GeoNames.

Weather Imagery

If you think our weather widget backgrounds are nifty, you'll like the original pictures even more. Planapple's weather images are adapted from these photographs—check them out:

We thank these photographers for making their work available, and apologize if we've cropped, stretched, or filtered the photos beyond recognition. The attribution provided here is not meant to suggest these individuals endorse Planapple or our adaptations of their photographs.

Creative Commons License We obtained the source photographs under a Creative Commons license, and are happy to make our adaptations available to you under the same terms. Planapple's weather background images listed above are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please provide attribution to both Planapple, Inc. and the original photographers if you use these images elsewhere.