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About Planapple

In 2009, Pete Rice and his wife Brenda had some time on their hands and decided to take a trip abroad. Before they left, they spent lots of time researching the web for places they'd like to visit and things they'd like to see. Astonishingly they found the process of collecting and organizing this information pretty cumbersome (in 2009!), with bookmarks stored in one service, maps in another, confirmation emails in a third, and documents and notes in a fourth.

On the eve of their trip Brenda spent hours printing out all of their information and compiling it in a folder which turned into their travel “bible” for the trip. After their return, Pete (being a programmer) was determined to build a tool that would make organizing their travel information easier in the future. Thus Planapple was born.

Planapple makes trip planning easier for consumers. It helps them collect information in one place, have conversations and make decisions, access info from smart phones and tablets, and get and share recommendations with friends. By taking the pain out of planning your trip, Planapple lets you focus on the fun and excitement of your next adventure.

Who We Are

Planapple was created by Pete Rice and Mike Edmunds in collaboration with Andrew Dahley (who contributed on user experience and design), and would not have been possible with out much help and support from their respective families.


If you have suggestions, problems, or find the service useful, feel free to let us know. We're always happy to hear from you!